Ross Creek 1

February 18, 2018

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is down a long driveway off a 3km dirt road off a secondary road (don’t turn toward the Lookoff! go the OTHER way!). I wanted to bring Nick Fells, my Dwelling collaborator from Glasgow to deepest, darkest Nova Scotia, and I succeeded, that’s for sure.
It’s the way arts centres should be, but maybe the way they could only be in Nova Scotia: “help yourself, find what you need, turn off the lights when you leave”.
We are sharing the centre with a visual artist from Toronto, and 2 theatre people from Halifax. By Tuesday, Nick and I will be alone here. It should be very productive: No distractions, only cold, dark, excellent food, and brown trees and snow-covered fields, with a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy.

The food provided for us is amazing!
our workspace for the next day or so
rental gear with a history!

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