Ross Creek 2

It has snowed all day. Things are turning out just as I had hoped! Nick is freezing, the fields surrounding the centre are now white: He’s really experiencing Nova Scotia at its most wintery.

We are working too, I’m practicing and writing, while Nick programs Max/MSP. We periodically convene to try out sounds and ways of playing together. We’re assembling pockets of material to incorporate, ideas are flowing, code is being written, and computer screens are being stared at motionlessly, for periods of time!

big studio view

By the end of the day a flurry of decisions came, and pieces of the work came into clarity.

Monday was the clearest of days, it started crisp, but as the temperatures rose, the snow melted. By late afternoon it was all gone and ice had turned to mud. The full range of winter is right here!

The work is progressing. We moved to the larger studio, which gave more room and more sonic space and clarity. We spent some time working on the materials we’d talked about, with me playing and Nick suggesting, and us both integrating our sounds better and better. By evening we recorded some demo material in audio and video. There was some good results there. Our DIY video shoot was entirely informed by Ross Creek: we rummaged through studios and storage rooms to find clip-on desk lamps (or anything really) to light us, and had two angles covered with ipad and iphone!

Nick in our “video studio”

I’m enjoying the work very much, there’s lots of give and take, with each of us a flexible master of our own domain. Nick is doing the programming, which is really, the most time consuming piece, while I can sort of look over the whole project from a macro point of view, understanding the programming, without being fully immersed in it. Seeing the forest despite the trees!

Farmhouse Still Life

Tuesday started with a field trip to the coast. Following the Ross Creek Road to it’s end on the other side of the North Mountain (even further into the back woods!). Then a focus on more individual work: Nick programming; me writing, doing a little admin and soon, practicing.

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