Glasgow Again

Outside the concert hall at U of Glasgow

Scotland is pretty predictable from the air. There are always clouds, always glimpses of bright green and damp (often sodden) fields. Pavements are shiny with wet. And from the ground it seems like you can view all weather just by spinning 360 degrees: cloud, rain, sun, even snow (if it’s between August and June) and on more than one occasion a rainbow!

It all feels pretty comfortable to me, given appropriate clothing and a warm pub to retreat to! Maybe its the Nova Scotian in me.

I’m here for a week to work with composer Nick Fells, for the second time, on Dwelling our collaborative creation for cello and computer with multichannel “ambisonic” sound diffusion. It’s a cool concept, with some really nice ideas brewing, its a great joy to work with Nick again and it’s a great challenge for me to envision a long work, and imagine what might be possible. Especially when computers are involved!

Our goal for the week is to get a structure together, focus on cello material and imagine the electronics mainly in our heads I think. Lets see how it comes together – – –

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