Glasgow Again 3

I swore I would never again book 6 am flights for myself (or anyone) again, but that direct flight from Heathrow to Halifax is too short to pass up….So here I am bleary eyed, waiting for my gate to be posted. Girding my loins for that brisk walk along long hallways!

But it gives me a chance to reflect a bit.

It was a super productive week in the end. We cemented a form for our piece (which may not be called Dwelling anymore!), and ghosted our way through it. We have a clear idea of the programming that needs to be completed, we short some video for the visuals, we experimented a lot with feedback for the the beginning, and solenoids anchored to the cello for the end. And we set up a new rehearsal period, and made plans for some performances.

So what we have is 6 sections, starting and ending with a sort of self operated installation feel. The audience will hear some sections that are minimal, some quite virtuosic and one that get so loud, I just give up! We use live processing, room feedback, and field recordings. And there will be ambisonic diffusion, and visuals that create a real atmosphere for the audience to emerge themselves in.

Our work was super stimulating work and really fun too. I will have a few things to practice (grabbing very high harmonics and fast but articulated runs with variations, from a crutch to a crazy high note), and Nick has a little composing and Max programming to squeeze into his already busy life.

It is always great to work with Nick, but we really hit our stride this week. We get along fabulously, laugh a lot, but can focus and work hard even more. I feel like we are really collaborating despite his more advanced experience in both composition and computer programming. He’s generous and I feel like my ideas are listen to! I can’t wait to show off this piece! It will be epic.

Now home to normal. And a nap!

A page of our score (which I couldn’t manage to flip the right way up for this post, sorry…
Oh yeah we hiked up Conic Hill. This is looking over Loch Lomond
Prototyping solenoid attachments!


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