Final Ross Creek

Our Ross Creek experience ended up being just what I’d hoped for! A little isolation for us to work, a little rural Nova Scotian winter for Nick. We got all that. Plus we got freedom, ideas, good beer, recordings of our work, some new views of Nova Scotia, a few happy sonic accidents, lots of laughs and great meals from the amazing Rebecca Pomeroy! So many thanks to Chris and Ken at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, as well as Arts Nova Scotia and The Canada Council for their support.

Halls Harbour beach

The next step is a return to Glasgow in the fall of 2018 to complete the piece, along with some work to drum up some interest in presenting it once it’s completed.

What will Dwelling be when it’s finished? Good question. I imagine it will ┬ábe an amazing evening length ride for our audience: starting with an installation with some audience members interacting with the soundscape with an iPad; then a sonic adventure ranging from quiet and minimal, to dense and loud! From controlled droning feedback to cascades of crystalline sounds drifting around the listener. I can’t wait to release it to you all! Thanks for reading.

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